Vision & Mission

Promoting Good Governance
  • Set Appropriate Professional and Ethical Standards for Directors and Members
  • Encourage PNG Directors to Attend Training
  • Provide Consultancy Services to Assist in Governance
  • Recognise Member’s Contributions to Good Governance (e.g. Awards Dinner)
Enhance Educational Programs
  • Coordinate/Conduct Director Training
  • Facilitate Introductory Sessions through to Advanced Courses
  • Engage Membership (through subcommittee of board) to enhance the training
Inform Membership of Current Matters
  • Publish monthly e-mail based newsletter
  • Research/Collect/Compile Information Relevant to Governance
  • Publish quarterly report
Provide Networking Opportunities
  • Conduct Meet & Greet Events
  • Conduct social events (e.g. Golf day)
Broaden Membership Base (Enhance Participation)
  • Increase Female membership
  • Encourage youth membership through Cadets
Provide Support Services
  • On-line submission of questions
Understand legal framework
  • Learn and understand the structure, legislation and regulations under which my Company, Board, Council, Commission or Trust is constituted and empowered to operate.
Care, diligence and law abidance
  • Use all due care, diligence and honesty in fulfilling the requirements of my appointment and to act within the spirit, as well as to the letter, of the laws of Papua New Guinea and/or such other Country in which I may be required to act.
Personal responsibility
  • Assume personal responsibility and accept personal accountability for strict and careful governance of the company or organisation for which my Board, Council, Commission, Trust or Committee is constituted.
Proper use of powers
  • Use the powers that are entrusted to me as a Director or Board member for the right and proper purposes of safeguarding the shareholders, stakeholders and assets of the Company or Organisation.
Personal gain or favour
  • Refrain from using my appointment, or the powers entrusted to me therein, or any information that I may obtain therefrom, for undue personal gain or favour, or to provide undue gain or favour for others.
Conflict of interests
  • Ensure that my personal interests or pursuits, or the interests or pursuits of any closely associated person or group, do not interfere with, or influence decisions entered into for or on behalf of, the Company or Organisation.
Declaration of interest
  • Declare my personal interest in, and refrain from entering into discussion upon, any matters of which the outcome may conflict with, impact upon or benefit my personal or associated business interests.
Safeguard information
  • Ensure that information obtained in the course of my duties is kept safe and confidential and is only disclosed as and when it may be permitted or decided upon by my Board, Council, Commission, Trust or Committee or as may be required of me by law.
Financial integrity
  • Accept only such remuneration and perquisites in reward for my services as are reasonable and have been duly approved by the Board, Council, Commission, Trust or Committee or as may have been established by legislative process.
  • Provide such statements of personal and immediate family income and assets as may reasonably be requested in the course of any normal or extraordinary audit of the Company or Organisation of which I am a member of the Board, Council, Commission, Trust or Committee.
Personal conduct
  • Conduct myself in a manner that will enhance the image of all Companies and Organisations with which I am associated.
Cessation of Board Appointment
  • Resign, or accept termination of appointment from the Board, Council, Commission, Trust or Committee with due courtesy and dignity, if required to do so by the authority under which my appointment was made, or in the event of my being declared bankrupt, or if my personal circumstances seriously affect the manner in which I can conscientiously and effectively perform my duties.