PNG Institute of Directors host awards night

THE Papua New Guinea Institute of   Directors  12th Annual  Awards Night was held at APEC Haus, Port Moresby, last Thursday.

There were four awards accorded to  the recipients Serena Sasingian (Young Director of   the Year) Mahesh  Patel (Male Director  of   the Year) Play Station (Most innovative company  award of   the Year) and Kina Bank Limited (Best Annual Report Award of  the Year). The Young Director  of   the Year recipient (Ms  Sasingian) is the current chief executive officer of  the Digicel Foundation  PNG and she has 12 years experience in the field of   development and public policy working in private sector and not for profit  sector. Back in 2007  she was a co-founder of   not-for-profit organization The Voice Inc.

City  Pharmacy  Limited  Group managing  director  Mahesh Patel has contributed a lot  in terms of actively involved in fostering business with focus on   Corporate Social  Responsibility. His leadership and having spent almost 25 years in PNG, has seen CPL  as one of  PNG’s iconic, largest and diversified retail outlets nationwide.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Justice and Attorney-General Davis Steven acknowledged the good work the institute  has done especially in training and educating its members. He said this then helps to  shape the business life  and corporate world of  PNG.

“As you may have noted the government  has  been  making  bold statements  and already put some good tough measures  to  deal with our  national  economy,” said  Mr Steven.

“Going forward it will be a partnership between government and business working hand in hand to deliver the outcomes of our stakeholder’s desire and our people deserve. Business must now meet the shareholder expectations and for the government we must meet the desires and expectations of our people and for politics those of  the electorates.”

Mr. Steven also spoke on  how recent political changes and confronting tough economic conditions and highlighting three issues of  great concern.   These   issues   include change  of    government  resulting in the country finding new course, the government’s mantra of  taking back PNG and making it as a richest black Christian nation by  2029 and reforms in the economic space with regards to  state-owned enterprises (SOEs).

The Deputy Prime Minister reiterated the government’s focus on  improving the corporate governance of  state institutions.


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