About Us
Our Vision

The Vision Statement answers the questions: “What does PNGID aspire to become?”

To be the preeminent body in Papua New Guinea for Directors providing leadership in corporate governance and leading directors’ thinking in the area of ethics, excellence, professionalism and practice

Our Mission

The mission statement answers the questions: “Why does the PNGID exist?” and “What does it actually do?”

To serve all Directors seeking corporate governance education, knowledge, professional development, connection or inspiration

Strategic Goals

The 8 objectives of the PNGID are set out in its Constitution and Rules of Association:
1. To set appropriate professional and ethical standards of practice and behavior for Directors and Members.
2. To encourage Directors to become Members of the Institute and to adopt and abide by such standards of professional and ethical practice and behavior as are set by the Institute.
3. To generate confidence and respect of the community for Directors who satisfy the requirements and the standards set by the Institute for professional membership.
4. To promote and improve the education, knowledge and skills of Directors towards enhancing the standards of governance of corporate, statutory and other legally constituted organizations.
5. To provide consultancy and advisory services to individuals and organizations to assist them to meet and maintain established standards of corporate and/or organizational governance.
6. To bring together persons and organizations involved in the various aspects of corporate and/or organizational governance and provide forums for discussion and debate of general and specific matters of interest and/or benefit to Directors.
7. To research, collect, compile and broadcast information relative to any aspect of corporate and/or organizational governance.
8. To protect the rights of members in the lawful pursuit and performance of their responsibilities as Directors and to do all things practicable to enhance their status and main
recognition for the major contribution that they make and the responsibility that they individually and jointly accept in the achievement of National goals.

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