Directors Development Program

Essential Knowledge for Directors and Board Members

The two day Directors Training Course workshop is to assist Company Directors and Board Members of Statutory Bodies and Associations to understand and appreciate their fundamental Fiduciary and Statutory duties and responsibilities in promoting Corporate Governance;

This workshop has been running for many years now and has attracted first-time directors in the private sector, those who fill the role of Secretary to Boards, Appointees to SOE Boards, Government Appointees, Directors’ of major PNG Companies, Insurance and Financial Institutions as well as those with an interest in Promoting Good Governance and Directors who have not previously received Director Training or Induction.
This course is also ideal for those who work closely with Directors and or Boards and those who aspire to be a Director in the future. Senior Directors are most welcome to attend the workshop as a refresher.

For more information contact Helen William | Phone : 3200 508 | Email:

The National Broadcasting Commission Board of Directors and Executive Management attended a 2 Day Director Development Program held in Port Moresby on the 21 st – 22 nd July 2020. The Director Development Program (DDP) was hosted by Papua New Guinea Institute of Directors.
If you wish to register on our upcoming DDP training, do not hesitate to contact the Secretariat office to register.

Course Structure

  1. Defining Corporate Governance
  2. A Brief History of Corporate Governance
  3. Distinction between Governance and Management
  4. Directors’ Duties, Responsibilities and Roles
  5. Essential Knowledge for Directors
  6. Making Boards Effective
  7. Understanding Financial Statements
  8. Analysis of Financial Statements
  9. Board Responsibility for Strategy and Planning
  10. Capital Project Evaluation
  11. Board Responsibility for Corporate Risk
  12. Six Golden Rules for Directors and Board Members
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